Utica boiler heat exchanger back view

Steam Boiler Installation

We removed a 450,000 btu steam boiler and installed a 450,000 btu Utica steam boiler. Another satisfied customer from Indian village.

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Home Air Quality Improvement

We install Honeywell, Aprilaire, and General humidifiers. Air quality and humidity is important in the winter. Humidifiers control static electricity and eliminates dry air.

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Michigan had a terrible flood at the end of last summer. This flooding damaged a lot of furnaces. Thanks to PBO and FEMA we were able to get some furnaces repaired and replaced.

water heater

Hot Water Boiler Installation

This is a Rheem Air handler along with a high effeciency hot water boiler which we installed in Rosedale Park. We are rebuilding Detroit one furnace at a time.

Litton Brothers 4

Air Conditioning Repair

This is a residential central air conditioning upgrade. We remove and recovered refrigerant from a 10 seer outdated a/c package and installed a 16 seer high efficiency Rheem ac package with a 10-year limited warranty. Mrs. Jones loves her new system; especially her savings on her utility bills.

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 4.17.37 PM

Boiler Replacement

This is a hot water boiler installation, we changed an air scoop and repaired leaky in line plumbing. We also installed a new expansion tank.

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Furnace Replacement

We removed a gravity furnace and installed a forced air furnace. We tried to give the customer head room in a small Michigan basement.


Chimney Lining Installation

This particular project was a residential 35-foot chimney liner installation- liners have to be installed with new furnaces, liners prevent moisture build up which will damage chimneys.